Covid Statement

  In an effort to keep all our passengers safe.

We are offering all drivers a fogging service from our main office. This allows the drivers to have their vehicles sanitised against 99.9% of germs and established virus too. Even though our drivers are doing their best to keep the vehicles clean and safe the fog gets into all the parts of the vehicle the drivers cannot.

  Drivers are also cleaning the inside of the vehicle as often as they can, also after each customer to help fight the spread.

  We ask that all passengers are considerate when using our service. Please wear a mask at all times inside the vehicle. If you are the only passenger please sit in the rear of the vehicle if possible.

10-15 minutes of smoke regularly will prevent virus in the vehicle.

Once finished the doors are opened to air the vehicle.

The fogging smoke gets into all of the vents and materials in the vehicle leaving them germ and virus free. This system also deodourises the vehicle too.

For further information from Thanet council please click the link button below

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